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Comtrol introduces DeviceMaster® UP 16 Modbus gateway

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – September 11, 2014 – Comtrol Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial device connectivity products, today officially released the DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus, the newest member of the DeviceMaster UP family of industrial gateways and the industry’s first 16-port high-density Modbus gateway.   Featuring Comtrol’s highly advanced Modbus Router firmware, this gateway provides robust connectivity options for environments including, factory, warehouse, energy, oil and gas, and transportation where the Modbus protocol is widely used for device and industrial network communications.

“The DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus gateway provides an easy, cost-effective solution to complex Modbus integration projects that were previously too challenging or even impossible to deploy,” stated David Boldt, Comtrol Director of Product Management,    “What is truly innovative though, are the software and configuration features that enable communication between multiple Modbus masters, multiple Modbus formats, local and remote slave devices, and bridging between Modbus networks.  It’s the only Modbus gateway that successfully handles so many real-world configurations.”

The DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus is easily managed and configures in minutes via built-in web pages or Comtrol’s Windows-based PortVision DX software.   Maintenance is made easy by diagnostic web pages displaying port and device-level statistics, device response timing, memory status, and serial logs.  The feature-rich software combined with the product’s low-profile, 16-port port density design, dual Ethernet ports, rugged housing, and wide operating temperature range deliver Modbus connectivity unmatched in the automation market.

The DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus is available now through Comtrol industrial reseller and distributor networks.  Evaluation units may be obtained by contacting Comtrol’s sales department directly.  To learn more about how the DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus can simplify your Modbus integration challenges, visit our web site.