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Process Data Output

Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol has integrated a feature in the IO-Link master web interface which allows PDO, or Process Data Output, commands. If an IO-Link PDO device such as a stack light or actuator is connected, the user can easily set a PDO command using this tool. Access to this feature is located in the Attached Devices tab, and by selecting the port the PDO device is connected to. Then select Process Data in the drop-down menu at the top.

The primary use of this feature is intended for commissioning validation to ensure proper communication is established and working. But it can also be useful for demonstrations to other users, or even simple production control if other controllers are not required or needed.

Notes: The user is required to create an admin password for the web page to prevent un-authorized access to this feature. In a scenario where a PLC or other controller is connected at the same time, the user will be unable to use this feature because priority is given to the main PLC or controller.

The sensor manufacturer IODD file must be loaded to use this feature, and the parameters shown below will change depending on brand and device type.

PDO - Process Data Output