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Data Storage (Automatic and Manual) – Auto Device Configuration

Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol’s IO-Link Master supports Data Storage, which allows an IO-Link device to be automatically configured using previously stored values.

  • Quick and easy replacement of failed or damaged sensors or actuators – reduction in production line downtime and maintenance costs
  • Enables quick initial setup of a new IO-Link device – reduction in deployment time and associated costs

After configuring an IO-Link device, you can implement the Data Storage feature.

This example illustrates the following:

  • Port 2 – configured for automatic upload and the IOLM is storing the data for the device on the port as displayed in the Storage Contents field. If desired, manually download the stored data to another of the same device.
  • Port 3 – a manual UPLOAD was performed (Storage Contents field) and the port is configured for automatic download, which means that if the existing IO-Link device is replaced with the same IO-Link device model, the IOLM automatically loads the data storage onto the new IO-Link device.
  • Port 5 – a manual UPLOAD was performed and if necessary, automatic or manual download can be used to load the IO-Link device or another of the same model.

DataStorage - Data Storage (Automatic and Manual) - Auto Device Configuration