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Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet

These RocketLinx Industrial Ethernet Switches are made to be used in the harshest environments and are capable of providing the most rugged connectivity solutions for industrial Ethernet systems and networks. Examples of applications include; traffic intersection management, industrial processing and packaging, and sensor data collection and monitoring.

Featured Industrial Ethernet Switches:

RocketLinx ES8105

  • 5-Port, unmanaged
  • Part Number: 32025-8
  • DIN rail or wall-mount installation
  • -25° to +70° C extended operating temp
  • 5 10/100BASE-TX ports
  • AC or DC power input

RocketLinx ES8105F Single-Mode

  • Part Number: 32026-5
  • 5-Port with one fiber, unmanaged
  • Four-10/100BASE-TX ports
  • Supports Single-Mode (30 KM)
  • 3.2Gbps Switch Fabric

RocketLinx ES8509-XT

  • Part Number: 32065-4
  • 9-Port, Gigabit, managed, extreme temperature
  • 32G switch fabric
  • Comprehensive security features
  • Rigid aluminum IP31 housing

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Along with having IP31 grade protection for harsh environments, these industrial Ethernet switches will provide dependable networking solutions for your application needs. With both managed and unmanaged models available, the RocketLinx ES series of switches provide economical networking solutions providing the industry’s finest industrial Ethernet switch expertise.

RocketLinx Industrial Ethernet Switches Technical Support

All of our Industrial Ethernet Switches come with simple, easy-to-use documentation. If you would like further technical assistance or to discuss which product is best for your specific application, our United States tech support staff is standing by, just give them a call at 1.763.957.6000 or visit support.

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