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Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Gigabit Ethernet Switches can easily be confused with a router, however, these two devices are not the same. A switch’s purpose differs from a router, as switches are designed to connect multiple computers together within the same network and will manage traffic between these connected devices. A router, in contrast, is designed for the connection of multiple networks and to manage traffic between them. Routers additionally often include; addresses for all computers on the network, firewall services, manage traffic, security restrictions, and wireless access. Switches, like Gigabit Ethernet Switches, however, are generally used to expand the capacity of a network with the use of more ports and are usually unmanaged. These switches should also be the initial point of contact between your computer and the outside world.

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Some additional features of Gigabit Ethernet Switches include:

  • Allows for a variety of connections and distances
  • Provides the foundation for building your industrial Ethernet infrastructure
  • Maximize speed of network
  • Ease of use through plug-and-play installation
  • LEDs making it easy to monitor
  • And much more!

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