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DeviceMaster ® Serial Hub

Network-Enable Virtually Any Serial Device

The DeviceMaster Serial Hub provides quick and easy peripheral connectivity utilizing the Ethernet LAN, Comtrol’s 10/100BASE-T product delivers serial port expansion supporting Linux and Microsoft® Windows® environments.

Supporting RS-232 interface standards on each DB9 port, the 8 or 16 port DeviceMaster Serial Hubs are ideally suited for applications where you need to connect peripherals that are located long distances from the server. Serial ports can exist outside the server anywhere on the LAN—so the server can be kept in a safe back-office location while serial devices conveniently exist anywhere they are needed! What’s more, costly and inconvenient serial cabling can be avoided.

When you have multiple device servers installed, Comtrol’s PortVision port management software allows efficient configuring, monitoring, and managing of multiple DeviceMasters from one centralized PC-based application, delivering a graphical, customizable, comprehensive, and powerful management interface.

productComparisonChart - DeviceMaster ® Serial Hub