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DeviceMaster ® UP 16 Modbus

Simultaneously connect both serial and Modbus devices to PLCs and/or applications. Or The DeviceMaster UP brings plant floor device visibility by enabling communications between factory floor serial and Modbus devices, and PLC controllers.

Part Number: 99582-1

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Taking Modbus connectivity to new heights, Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol introduces the DeviceMaster UP 16-Port Modbus gateway. Built on a compact, low-profile housing, it packs both port density and advanced Modbus connectivity features designed to simplify even the most challenging installations. Loaded with the latest Modbus Router firmware, this is the most advanced Modbus gateway on the market today.

  • Features all capabilities of the Modbus Router application
  • Configuration and comprehensive diagnostics available via on-board web server
  • Low profile - compact housing facilitates easy installation and mounting
  • 16 RS-232/422/485 software selectable ports with termination resistors
  • Dual 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports
  • PortVision® DX Windows software for quick setup and remote management
  • RoHS 2 compliant under CE

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A highly advanced Modbus gateway with a vast array of Modbus connectivity options - The DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus is designed to simplify installation and maintenance of even the most complex Modbus applications.

DeviceMaster UP 16-Port with Modbus Router


  • DeviceMaster UP 16 Modbus
  • Power Supply
  • US Power Cord
  • Euro Power Cord
  • Terminal Block Plug
  • Bumpers
  • Loopback plug
  • Bus Interface Specification10/100BASE-T Ethernet
  • Memory
    • SDRAM16 MB
    • Flash8 MB
  • EnclosureBlack Finished Steel
  • Installation MethodPanel mountable
  • LED IndicatorsPower, Status, Ethernet Link/Activity per port, Serial Link/Activity per port
  • Dimensions11.5" x 1.5" x 5.5"
    292 x 38 x 140 mm
  • Product Weight2.45 lbs
    1.11 kg
Electrical Specifications
  • Input Voltage Requirements 9-30VDC
  • Power Consumption4.5 Watts
    • Comtrol External Power Supply(included)
    • Input90-264VAC @ 47-63Hz
    • Output24VDC @ 500mA
  • ESD Surge ProtectionProvides minimum of 15KV protection on all serial lines. All Ethernet components are rated to 1.5KV magnetic surge protection.
Environmental Specifications
  • Air Temperature
    • System On 0° to 60°C
    • System Off-40° to 85°C
  • Operating Humidity0% to 95%
  • Altitude10,000 ft
    3,048 m
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF)39.1 years

Serial Communications

  • Connector TypeRJ45
  • Number of Ports16
  • Serial InterfacesRS-232
    RS-485, 4-wire, Slave
    RS-485, 2-wire
  • Terminal Resistor for RS-422/485Software controllable 120Ω termination resistors available for each transmit and receive differential pair on every port. The 120Ω termination resistors can be enabled between TX+ and TX- OR RX+ and RX- or both on every port.
  • Baud Rate300bps to 230Kbps
  • Receive Buffer4.5 KB
  • Transmit Bufferr4.5 KB
  • Serial Data Control
    • Data Bits5, 6, 7 or 8
    • Parityodd, even, or none
    • Stop Bits 1, 1.5, or 2
    • Flow Control None, RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF, or Half-duplex
  • *Stop bit 1.5: Supported only when used with 5 data bits
Communication Modes: Modbus Router
  • Supported ControllersModbus/TCP Masters
    Modbus/RTU and Modbus/ASCII serial masters
    Modbus/RTU and Modbus/ASCII over Ethernet TCP/IP masters
  • Supported DevicesModbus/TCP slaves
    Modbus/RTU and Modbus/ASCII serial slaves
    Both remote Modbus serial slaves and raw/ASCII devices (with additional gateways)
Ethernet Specification
  • Number of Ports2
  • Speed10/100Mbps
  • Connector TypeRJ45 Auto MDI/MDI-X
  • Ethernet specific featuresEthernet packet switching, auto negotiation, Link/Activity Status LED
  • Network ProtocolsARP, BOOTP, DHCP/RARP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SSL/TLS, ICMP, RFC 1006 (ISO over TCP), SNMP (MIB-II), TCP/IP & UDP socket services, Telnet, and TFTP, and supports IP multicast data transmission
Modbus Router Features (Default)
  • DescriptionPure Modbus, multiple Modbus master and slave types , remote, local, and private devices
  • Supported InterfacesPLCs, SCADA systems, HMIs, OPC servers and applications
  • Web Page Configuration• Master-to-master connectivity via the Shared Memory sub-system
    • Private Modbus serial bus support designed to restrict access to private Modbus devices
    • Connectivity from serial Modbus masters to Modbus/TCP networks
    • The ability to connect multiple types of Modbus masters to Modbus slave device(s)
    • Convert from one form of Modbus, such as Modbus/TCP, to Modbus/RTU or Modbus/ASCII
    • Provide connectivity from a serial Modbus master to a remote Modbus slave device
    • Eliminate Modbus device ID conflicts and solve device ID configuration problems
    • Enable Modbus security by blocking write messages in Read-Only Mode
    • Device ID to Modbus/TCP slave via configurable IP address and TCP/IP port
    • Modbus Network Bridging support
  • DiagnosticsLocal and remote slave device and port specific diagnostic web pages that display status, message response timing, timeout and other error counts, and overall message statistics. A serial log is also included to provide message level diagnosis.
Modbus Server Features (Downloadable)
  • DescriptionModbus/RTU over Ethernet master(s) to serial slave(s)
  • Supported InterfacesOPC Servers and Applications that require Modbus/RTU communication over Com ports or Ethernet TCP/IP connections
  • Web Page Configuration• Supports Modbus/RTU over Ethernet TCP/IP connections to the corresponding serial port via intelligent Modbus message handling and routing.
    • Supports only Modbus/RTU over Ethernet TCP/IP connections to a serial port. For Modbus/TCP functionality, please see the DeviceMaster UP.
    • Supports up to six Ethernet TCP/IP connections to each serial port.
    • Supports up to 255 Modbus devices per port. Both valid, (1-247), and reserved, (248-255), device ids are supported
    • Modbus/RTU specific message handling: ◦CRC verification of all messages received on the TCP/IP and serial interfaces
    • Timing out of responses from slave Modbus/RTU devices
    • Broadcast message handling on connected port only
    • System monitoring to ensure gateway operation:
    • Gateway busy
    • Application message timeouts
    • Combined with a serial port redirector, such as the Comtrol Secure Port Redirector, can support up to six COM port connections to each serial port
  • Diagnostics• Modbus device specific statistics, response timing, and status. Up to 255 devices per serial port can be monitored simultaneously.
    • Serial port specific statistics and status
    • Serial port message logging
Modbus/TCP Features (Downloadable)
  • Supported InterfacesPLC, SCADA system, HMI, or OPC Server
  • Supported Controllers• Modbus/TCP masters and slaves
    • Modbus/RTU and Modbus/ASCII serial masters and slaves
    • Applications over Ethernet TCP/IP connections (raw/ASCII only)
  • Supported Devices• Raw/ASCII devices, both serial and Ethernet TCP/IP, such as barcode scanners, vision systems, RFID readers, weigh scales, encoders and printers
    • Modbus/RTU and Modbus/ASCII serial slaves
  • Recommended Installations• Connectivity to serial and/or Ethernet TCP/IP raw/ASCII devices
    • Connectivity to Modbus/RTU and/or Modbus/ASCII serial devices
    • Connecting single or multiple Modbus masters and/or applications to the devices
    • Automatic Modbus protocol translations (if needed)
  • Web Page Configuration• Highly flexible, with an emphasis on Raw/ASCII devices
    • Also supports Modbus RTU/ASCII slave devices
    • Connect Raw/ASCII devices to Modbus/TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII serial controllers
    • Automatic protocol conversions and routing
    • Connect Modbus/TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII serial masters to Modbus RTU/ASCII serial slaves
    • Many unique Raw/ASCII handling features
    • Simultaneously connect multiple Modbus masters to individual devices
    • Modbus message Alias Device ID conversions
  • DiagnosticsYes
  • Sample PLC ProgramsYes
  • SNMP SupportMonitoring only
  • Other Software FeaturesLowest Latency
    NS-Link COM/TTY port redirector
    TCP/IP & UDP Socket Services
    Telnet/RFC2217 COM Port Control
    PortVision DX remote management
  • Manufacturer's Warranty5 Years
Export Information
  • Packaged Shipping Weight4.85 lbs
    2.2 kg
  • Package Dimensions14.9" x 4" x 10.9"
    378.5 x 101.6 x 276.9 mm
  • UPC Code7-56727-99582-1
  • Country of OriginUSA
  • ECCN5A992
  • Schedule B Number8471.80.1000

Regulatory Standards

  • EmmissionsFCC Part 15 Subpart B - Class A limit
    Canadian EMC Requirements: ICES-003
    European Standard EN55022
  • ImmunityEuropean Standard EN55024:
    IEC61000-4-2/EN61000-4-2: ESD
    IEC61000-4-3/EN61000-4-3: RF
    IEC61000-4-4/EN61000-4-4: Fast Transient/Burst
    IEC61000-4-5/EN61000-4-5: Surge
    IEC61000-4-6/EN61000-4-6: Conducted Disurbance
    IEC61000-4-8/EN61000-4-8: Magnetic Field
    IEC61000-4-11/EN61000-4-11: Voltage dips and variations
  • SafetyIEC 60950/EN60950 (LISTED)
    CSA C22.2 No. 60950/UL60950
  • OtherRoHS 2 Compliant
Regulatory Approvals
Pinout Diagrams
  • Ground must be tied to signal ground.
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