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Issue 22 | July 2013

Comtrol Corporation
Issue 22 | July 2013
Transportation Application
PoE for Intersection Monitoring
Improving traffic flow is a growing priority for expanding cities and towns, 

PoE for Intersection Monitoringand one of the most efficient ways to reduce accidents and heighten safety is the use of intersection monitoring through video recording. Not only is video used to determine ways to decrease traffic congestion – it can also be reviewed for accident footage, fault resolution, and to assure that traffic systems are working correctly.

Comtrol's RocketLinx ES7528 Power over Ethernet switches are being deployed to connect intersection devices to remote traffic control centers.
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Technical Corner
What is IO-Link?
IO-Link Master 4-EIP
What is SPDU Handling?
In case you missed it, we recently published a post explaining IO-Link technology along with an overview of our IO-Link Master 4-EIP product. As more people learn about the benefits of IO-Link, the more questions we get about our Master's features. SPDU handling is one of those.
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RocketLinx PoE Feature: Voltage Boost (VB)
RocketLinx ES7106-VBAll of our RocketLinx VB switches are capable of being powered directly from low voltage 12 and 24 volt sources. This is important, because PoE switches need to power devices with 48VDC output.  This usually requires an extra power supply.  However, VB switches overcome this by incorporating special DC-DC conversion circuitry that allows the switch to be powered by the lower voltage and ups the voltage internally to output 48 volts on the PoE lines.

Product Spotlight
NEW RELEASE: RocketLinx ACS7106 PoE Switch RocketLinx ACS7106
Earlier this week we officially released the RocketLinx ACS7106, the first UL294 listed access control PoE switch, meeting state and local government requirements for access control installations. This switch also has voltage boost technology and 100W total power budget.
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