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Issue 16 | April 2012

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Issue #16 | April 11, 2012
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Combat Training Facility IP Camera Monitoring

Combat Training Facility IP Camera Monitoring Defending the United States of America is held with utmost importance by our government, states, communities and citizens.

Our troops require and maintain rigorous training schedules to keep prepared for war, developing new strategies that endure technological advancements and improved combat systems. Monitoring soldiers’ actions is crucial for effective training, and facilities are beginning to deploy enhanced monitoring tactics such as IP camera surveillance within their structures.

A large training facility located on a military base in Missouri chose to integrate IP camera monitoring into their training system. The base contracted NetWatch Inc., a surveillance systems integrator, to create a solution for their monitoring needs.

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technical corner - Issue 16 | April 2012

Comtrol’s Windows Driver Installation and Updates Just Got Easier

For years, distribution and installation of our Windows drivers were a big challenge for both Comtrol staff and the end-users who were relying on Comtrol products for day-to-day production. Multi-port Serial Adapters are one of the most difficult pieces of hardware to deal with when it comes to Windows driver installation. It even gets worse when that hardware has no visibility to the Windows Plug-n-Play (DeviceMaster).

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product spotlight - Issue 16 | April 2012

RocketLinx ES7528

ES7528The RocketLinx™ ES7528, is a fully IEEE 802.3at compliant, PoE Plus rackmount switch featuring 24 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet ports and 4GB uplink/SGP combo ports. All power over Ethernet (PoE) injector ports can deliver 15.4W by IEEE 802.3af standards.

To ensure traffic switching without data loss and blocking, the switch provides a 12.8G backplane with an integrated nonblocking switching function. The ES7528 is designed for PoE applications such as real-time IP video surveillance and wireless communication systems.

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