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8 Port Switches

8 Port Switches

8 port switches are designed to connect multiple computers within the same network. These switches also manage the traffic between numerous connected computers. Switches can easily be confused with routers, but significant differences between the two are apparent. For example, routers can are able to provide firewall services, while switches do not provide this advanced service. Switches are also normally unmanaged, while routers allow for traffic management. Switches are additionally used in tandem with a router and are not supposed to be the first point of contact between a computer and the outside world.

Port switches come with features including:

  • Plug and play installation, making for ease of use, requiring no configuration
  • Auto-detects speed and duplex
  • Auto Uplink makes the right connection
  • Vertical option, saving space on your desk

8 port switches allow for organizations to price-effectively expand their network to Gigabit speeds and higher port counts. These unmanaged switches support Power over Ethernet (PoE), making for a low-cost PoE solution. They are energy-efficient and built for durability, sure to last.

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