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If you are in need of an SFP Single-Mode 20KM 1000BASE-LX Gigabit Ethernet Fiber (or any other SFP), you have come to the right place. Comtrol is the leading provider of a variety of SFP transceivers and our knowledgeable staff will be sure to help you select the right device to fit your needs. The SFP 20KM 100BASE-FX series of transceivers are ideally used with applications requiring extended operating temperatures. These 17.01 g units are hot-pluggable and are compatible with 100BASE-FX bus interface configuration for network connections.

Specifications of the SFP Single Mode 20KM 1000BASE LX Gigabit Ethernet Fiber include:

Learn More About The SFP Single Mode 20KM 1000BASE LX Gigabit Ethernet Fiber At Comtrol

More information on SFP transceivers can be found at Comtrol, the trusted professionals when it comes to the most innovative and high quality devices. For more than three decades Comtrol has been the leader in quality networking and industrial data communication products, specializing in industrial Ethernet and device connectivity. Additionally, we believe that each device connectivity solution is the result of exceptional engineering, close collaboration with customers, outstanding vertical market sales and a powerful domestic and international distribution channel.

Comtrol is committed to building relationships with worldwide technical and strategic partners. Our products are designed to work with the widest range of hardware and software environments to provide seamless enterprise integration. If you have any additional questions or wish to learn more about devices and solutions, contact a member of our sales or technical support team.