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Comtrol offers the 10KM SFP transceivers along with a variety of other SFP transceivers. If you would like more information on which SFP transceiver is best for a specific application, please contact a Comtrol sales or technical support representative at 1.763.957.6000.

Part Number: 1200080.

Hardware Specifications:

  • Gigabit Ethernet Fiber 1000BASE-LX
  • 2.2” x 0.53” x 0.5” (55.9 x 13.5 x 12.7 mm)
  • Hot Pluggable
  • Weighs 0.6 oz

Optical Fiber Specification. To view full list please download the SFP Single-Mode 10KM Gigabit Ethernet Fiber PDF.

  • Single-Mode
  • 10KM Link Distance
  • 1.25 Gbps Data Rate
  • 12 dBM Link Budget
  • SFP Multi-Source (MSA) Compliant
  • SFP Single-Mode 10KM Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Technical Support

    Comtrol’s Single-Mode 10KM Gigabit Ethernet Fiber SFP comes with easy-to-use documentation located the included CD. If you would like further technical assistance, our United States tech support staff is standing by.Give them a call at 1.763.957.6000 or visit

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